Working KITAS

A KITAS is a temporary stay permit issued for the purpose of either work, retirement, family or Investment purposes.

A Working KITAS (Index 312) can be either issued for 6 months or 12 months, depending on the type of company, investment capital, and qualifications of the applicant. A Retirement KITAS (Index 319) or Spouse sponsored KITAS (Index 317) is commonly issued for 12 months, and can be extended up to 5 times.

If you wish to find out more information about the investor KITAS, retirement KITAS or Spouse sponsored KITAS, please drop us an email. On this page we will only be discussing the working KITAS.

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What type of entities can sponsor a Working KITAS?
A Working KITAS is sponsored by an Indonesian entity, this can include Indonesian owned PT. Locals, Foreign-owned PMA companies, Foreign Representative Offices (KPPA), and formal or not for profit institutions (Yayasan).

Sponsors of the Working KITAS applicants are legally responsible for the expatriate’s conduct during their time in Indonesia i.e., to pay charges and fines if the respective applicants do not have the ability to do so. It is important for sponsors to be aware of these responsibilities.

Obtaining a Working KITAS
A working KITAS is commonly applied for 2 to 3 months prior to the expatriate’s arrival in Indonesia. The Jokowi administration is looking at ways to reduce visa processing times, but as of today, there are 3 key steps towards obtaining a Working Permit and Working KITAS.

Step 1: RPTKA and IMTA (Work Permit)
Before acquiring a Working KITAS, your company will need to obtain your RPTKA (employee employment plan), Depending on the position you are applying for, you may need an Expose. The interview is conducted by a Manpower officer via Skype. The interview generally only lasts 5 minutes, therefore your company representative should be well prepared to answer the questions. Any questions that the administrator is unable to answer will result in delays in your Working Permit process. This interview is an important step towards determining if the duration of work granted.

Work Permit Fees – The Manpower office will issue a payment notice for the Work Permit tax to be paid. We recommend paying this fee directly to the bank, many unscrupulous agents will ask for this fee to be paid directly to them, and pocket this fee. After 7-14 working days of paying the workers tax, your work permit will be issued.

Step 2: E-Visa Working KITAS and VITAS Application
Evisa application is submitted to the Directorate General’s office in Jakarta. Once the evisa is issued, the applicant and their family members can apply for the eVisa enter the Indonesia border.

Step 3: Converting the VITAS to KITAS
Once you arrive back in Indonesia, you will not be able to leave until your KITAS conversion process is complete.

Upon entry, you have 30 days to apply for your working KITAS.

The process can be done at an Immigration office closest to your residence.

The application process involves a photo and interview session. The process from start to finish should take around 14 working days.

Once the process is done, your passport will be returned, and an electronic KITAS will be sent to you.

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