Visa On Arrival

Visa On Arrival (VOA) is the most common type of tourist visa. This visa allows you to do things like business talk, tourism, government duties, purchase of goods, meeting visit, and transit. VOA has 30 days validity and can be extended once for another 30 days.

Am I Eligible to Apply for The VOA?

Below are the nationalities that can apply for the VOA.

Albania Cyprus Kasachstan Oman South Korea
Andora Czech Republic Kuwait Palestine Spain
Argentina Denmark Kenya Peru Suriname
Australia Ecuador Laos Philippines Sweden
Austria Eqypt Latvia Poland Switzerland
Bahrain Estonia Liechtenstein Portugal Taiwan
Belarus Finland Lithuania Qatar Thailand
Belgium France Luxembourg Rumania Timor Leste
Bosnia & Herzegovina Germany Malaysia Russia Tunisia
Brazil Greece Maldives Rwanda Turkey


Hong Kong Malta San Marino Ukraine
Bulgaria Hungary Mexico Saudi Arabia Arab
Cambodia Iceland Monaco Serbia UK
Canada India Morroco Seychelles USA
Chile Ireland Myanmar Singapore Uzbekistan
China Italy Netherlands Slovakia Vatican
Colombia Japan New Zealand Slovenia Vietnam
Croatia Jordan Norway South Africa


How Do I Get The VOA?

There are two types of VOA

  • On-site VOA which only you can apply for upon arrival at the airport or seaport.
  • Electronic VOA (E-VOA) which you can apply for while you still overseas. CCI can assist you with this.


Important Information

  1. This is a single-entry visa, meaning if you leave Indonesia the visa will be canceled.
  2. This visa doesn’t allow foreigners to work or receive a salary in Indonesia


E-VOA Requirements (New Application)

  1. A scan color copy of the passport ID page (valid at least for 6 months upon the date of arrival in Indonesia)
  2. Address in Indonesia
  3. Colored recent photograph (3x4cm) with white background
  4. Flight tickets in and out


Process Time and Application Fee (per person)

E-VOA (new application) costs IDR 850.000 and the process takes 1-2 working days.

* Full payment in advance is required and is non-refundable

visa on arrival

How Do I Extend The VOA?

  • On-site VOA

If you arrive with the on-site VOA, you only can extend it at the Immigration Office closest to your place of residence. The extension procedure requires you to take 3 trips to immigration. CCI can assist to extend your VOA. Using an agent reduces the number of immigration trips needed. You will only need 1 trip to Immigration for the photo and fingerprint session with our assistance.


Please note that as our office is based in Bali so the extension process only can be done in Bali


Extension Fee    : IDR 1.150.000

* Full payment in advance is required and is non-refundable


Required Documents

  1. A scan color copy of the passport ID page (valid at least for 6 months upon the date of arrival in Indonesia)
  2. Arrival stamp
  3. Departure flight ticket *the date can’t be longer than 60 days since you arrive
  4. Address in Bali


Process Time      : 10-14 Working Days

*Part of the process is that we will need your presence at immigration for a photo and fingerprint which we will notify you of 1 or 2 days in advance. During the process, your passport will hold by Immigration. Once the visa extension is completed we will deliver the passport anywhere for free in the South Bali area.


  • Electronic VOA (E-VOA)

If you arrive with E-VOA you have two options to do the extension.

First, it can be extended online so you don’t have to go to the Immigration Office. CCI can assist you to do it.


Extension Fee    : IDR 700.000

* Full payment in advance is required and is non-refundable


Second, you can extend it at the immigration office. CCI can assist you to do it as well. The requirements and the cost are the same as for on-site VOA Extension.

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