Single Entry Social Visa

A Single Entry Social Visa (Index 211) or commonly known as a Social Budaya Visa, enables applicants wishing to immerse in local cultural courses and activities, or wanting to spend time with family members to live in Indonesia for up to 180 days at a time.

A Social Cultural visa can now be obtained by applying to the Directorate General’s of Immigration’s office.

Due to COVID restrictions, Indonesia is limiting the issuance of Social cultural visas to onshore applicants only. If you are applying outside of Indonesia, please visit the Single Entry Business Visa page 

In some cases, applicants are only able to be sponsored by Indonesian family members, and you may be asked to provide supporting documents such as local ID card, family card, birth certificates, and marriage certificates to show your relationship with the applicant.

The duration of the visa is granted in a unique way. Although applicants are allows up to 180 days total stay within Indonesia, after the initial 60 days, you will need to report to a local immigration office in Indonesia and attend a photo and fingerprint session.

The immigration officer may ask you a few simple questions to verify your purpose in Indonesia.

Following this, you should then be granted an additional 30 days for each extension. Each applicant can apply for up to 4 extensions, which translates to a maximum stay of up to 180 days. After this duration, you will need to exit Indonesia or apply for a new visa onshore.

social cultural in bali

Documents required when applying for a Single Entry Social Cultural Visa.

Once you are ready to start your visa process, CCI will need

  • A color copy of your passport.
  • With a minimum validity of 9 months, plus 4 empty pages.
  • Return flights to and from Indonesia
  • Two recent photographs 4 x 6cm White Background. (Applicants should be using formal attire)
  • Your Balinese sponsor's family card and Indonesian ID card
  • Minimum bank balance of USD10,000 from your Balinese sponsor.
  • Health certificates stating you are fit-to-fly during COVID times
  • Signed statement letters for agreement to Indonesian quarantine procedures
  • COVID Vaccination Records
  • Health Statement letters & Statement of Financial Guarantee (provided by CCI)

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