Single Entry Visas (Index 211A)

A Single entry visa to Indonesia is suited for foreigners wishing to engage in business matters, or for foreigners interested in learning and immersing in the rich culture and history of Indonesia.

If the purpose of your visits is to meet suppliers, conduct meetings and business talks, then a Single entry business visa is the right visa for you.

If the purpose of your visit is to take cultural courses such as Balinese dance and Indonesian language, or to visit cultural sights and learn the rich history of Indonesia, then the Single entry cultural visa is for you.

This single entry visa also allows applicants to attend interviews and meetings, attend conferences and even is suited for extended tourism purposes.

The Single Entry visa is valid for 60 days, and is then extendable up to 2 times every 60 days.

After 6 months, you will have to leave Indonesia and re-apply for a new visa before returning to Indonesia. A Single Entry visa should not be confused with a working visa, the Single Entry Visa does not allow foreigners to work nor receive a salary.

How do I apply for a Single Entry e-VISA?
All visas are now issued via the Directorate General of Immigration's office.

The minimum age for applying for a Single Entry Visa is 21 years old. CCI has a 100% track record of success for Single Entry Visa applications, however if the Indonesian Government should reject your visa application, the visa application payment will not be reimbursed.

Applicants no longer need to head to an Embassy to apply for a Telex.

Photo and Fingerprint Session
After arriving in Bali, you are expected to attend a photo and fingerprint session at an Immigration office nearest to you. There is often a short interview session, and common questions include your purpose in Indonesia, how long you plan on staying, details about your sponsor, and you can expect any questions related to your visa to be asked.

CCI will facilitate this meeting, and include a briefing prior to the interview session. Clients are requested to wear formal attire (shirt with collar) when visiting the Immigration Office.

Documents Required from the applicant:

  • A scanned / Copy COLOR of the first page (ID page) in your passport.
  • Passport validity of minimally 9 months
  • Passport sized Photos 4x6cm = 2 pcs. White Background. Wearing shirt with collar.
  • A return flight ticket / booking below
  • Full dose vaccine certificate (in English)
  • Address in Indonesia
  • Complete set of sponsor company's documents.
  • Bank statement of minimum US$ 10,000 from the sponsor's company account.

Notes: All Company Documents must be valid. Visa applications cannot be submitted without the complete set of personal and company documents.

Single Entry Visa Costs & Payment terms Single Entry e-Visa  IDR 4.500.000
Terms of Payment : A non-refundable full payment (100%) in advance. Prices are per person and per extension.

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