You are applying for a Retirement KITAS (Limited Residence Permit). This page gives an overview of the terms and conditions, requirements and price quotation for the application of a New Retirement KITAS.

Updated 28th Oct 2020

Important Information

  1. The Retirement KITAS does not allow foreigners to work in Indonesia.
  2. The minimum age for applicants is 55 years old.
  3. The e-VISA takes 10-14 days to process, and once the e-VISA is issued you can use it to enter Indonesia.
  4. Upon arrival in Indonesia, please submit your passport to CCI’s office for the next steps of KITAS registration.
  5. From the time the local immigration processes your KITAS (approximately 3 weeks) you will not be able to travel overseas.
  6. If the KITAS application process is cancelled, CCI will not reimburse any advance payments.
  7. The Retirement KITAS allows you to live in Indonesia for one year and may be renewed annually, allowing you to stay up to six times.
  8. Please inform us if you would like to cancel your KITAS for any reason, and we will need to apply for an EPO (Exit Permit Only) and return documents to EPO process takes ± 7-10 working days.
  9. In case of sudden and unexpected changes in regulations or pricing from the Immigration office, requirements and/or prices stated in this document will be adjusted accordingly by CCI.


Personal Documents required by client

  1. A scanned / Copy COLOR of the ID page in your passport. Validity of your passport is minimally 20months and 4 empty pages in your passport.
  2. A “no intention of working in Indonesia” statement letter (CCI provides template) signed by the KITAS applicant
  3. Update Bank Statement Letter with minimum account Rp 200.000.000,-
  4. A house lease agreement signed both by the applicant and land owner.
  5. COLOR copy ID Card of your local assistant
  6. COLOR copy of your valid health or life insurance
  7. Retirement Statement Letter from your country (if any)
  8. A recent photograph with the following dimensions: 3x4cm and 4x6cm = 1 piece each, with white and red background, and wearing collared shirt.
  9. Health certificate in English (Fit to Fly Letter) 
  10. A Negative PCR (Swab Test) - not more than 7 days old at the time of arrival 
  11. A Signed statement letter in English that you agree to follow Indonesia quarantine procedure (if you show Covid-19 symptoms)
  12. A Signed statement letter in English that you agree to be monitored when you are in quarantine, including self quarantine
  13. A valid Health or travel insurance

Application Process

  1. Once CCI has received all the required documentation a letter of confirmation is sent to your sponsor/company.
  2. CCI processes your e-VISA at the Directorate General of Immigration, this takes 10-14 working days.
  3. Once the e-VISA is issued you can enter Indonesia.
  4. After entry in Indonesia, please send us your original passport within three days of entry, CCI will be able to pick up your passport.
  5. CCI processes the KITAS at your local Immigration office. After approximately 3-5 days you will be asked to come to the Immigration Office to have fingerprints, photo and digital signature taken. CCI will facilitate this meeting and accompany the client. * Clients are requested to wear formal attire (shirt with collar) when visiting the Immigration Office. Estimated duration: 21 working days
  6. Once the KITAS is finished, all original documents - Passport, KITAS, STM (Certificate of Police Registration – for Denpasar and Badung area only), together with copies of other documents are stored in a personal folder and submitted by CCI. Copies of the original documents are stored with CCI for future reference.


Prices are per person and a non-refundable full payment (100%) in advance is necessary. The processing time takes 8-10 weeks.

Retirement KITASfees
12 Months including Multiple Exit Re-Entry PermitIDR 11 million

* excluded USD 150 visa tax

** If you are extending your KITAS, you will further require a domicile certificate, which is a document from your local village and Civil Registry's office. CCI can assist you in the process for a fee of IDR 1.5 million

To start the process, kindly send us an email authorizing the process.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail

Thank you very much for your trust in our services. We are looking forward to assisting you in a smooth transition to Bali.

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