Notary Services Bali

CCI has a long trusted, experienced, and qualified in-house Notary.

Our Notary services allow you to legalize your agreements to ensure that they are legally enforceable in Indonesia, protecting you for years to come.

Who is a Notary?

A Notary in Bali (and Indonesia) is a legal professional who has completed a Bachelors in Law, followed by a Masters Degree in Notary; they then further have to intern for 2 years with a public Notary before they can write the exams and apply for their Notary license. They are then appointed by the Minister of Law and Human Rights as a semi-public official to Notarize Deeds (or “Akta”).

As the Notary is appointed by the Government, they are not permitted to provide legal advice to the parties before the signing of Notarial Deeds. In this way, the Notary acts as a neutral party who prepares, witnesses, authenticates and registers legal Deeds. As long as both parties agree to the terms of the agreement and they do not contradict Indonesian Law, the Notary will create the agreement.

Having an in-house Notary allows us to have a second check of all of the legal agreements that we draft for our clients; ensuring that our contracts are drafted to the highest level allowed by Indonesian Law.

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Notary Services Bali

What kinds of Notary Services do we offer?
We offer all Notarial Services. The most common Notarial Services we offer are Lease Deeds, Sale & Purchase Deeds, Loan Deeds, Collaboration Deeds, Wills and Prenups / Postnups.

What are the requirements for a Notarial Deed?
As a Notary is an officer of the court, they are required to authenticate all original documents and the ID documents of all the Parties related to the Deed. For example, if you are signing a Lease Agreement the Landowner would need to bring the original Land Certificate to the signing. CCI will provide you with a list of all the required documents you will need for signing with our Notary.

The original documents signed in front of the Notary are kept in the Notary's office. You will then receive a Notarial Deed which is signed by the Notary. As part of our service, CCI will ensure that there are no differences or mistakes between the agreement you signed and the final Notarial Deed.

How long does a Notarial Deed take to complete?
A Notarial Deed will take approximately 1 week to complete.

What do our Notary Services Cost?
Notary fees vary depending on the type of Notarial Deed to be created. A standard fee for a Lease Agreement start at 1% of the transaction value. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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