Leasing Property in Bali and Indonesia

A long-term lease is a very common way for foreigners to hold rights over the use of land and or buildings in Bali. This is a very secure form of land right and if correctly drafted, offers fantastic security for investment in Bali and Indonesia.

Indonesian individuals, Indonesian legal entities, foreign individuals and foreign legal entities resident in Indonesia may acquire lease rights. The period of lease is generally around 25 years and usually there is an option to extend the lease, which will be specified in the agreement.

Transferring land ownership titles can be an expensive and lengthy process and so one of the challenges we often see our clients facing is that the person leasing them the land is not necessarily the land owner as per the land title. This is not restrictive and there are legal remedies to ensure that your lease is legally binding – however, it is vital to ensure that this is thoroughly investigated and correctly implemented. We usually recommend our Due Diligence services for any long-term lease.

Lease Property in Bali

One of the questions we often receive from clients is why they should use CCI’s legal drafting services when entering a lease. These are the top reasons why we recommend using a legal consultant to draft your lease, rather than a Notary.

  1. With over 20 years’ experience with property transactions in Bali and Indonesia – we understand  the common pitfalls experienced by our clients.
  2. We draft custom agreements to ensure that your investment is secure for the years to come; and to ensure that the lease agreement aligns with your intended purpose for the land.
  3. All of our lease agreements are drafted in both English and Indonesian – this ensures that you fully understand what you are signing; as well as ensuring that you have a legally enforceable Indonesian agreement.
  4. We have an in-house Notary who works independently from our legal consultants to ensure that every agreement is rechecked by a neutral party before signing.
  5. Our dynamic legal team are up to date with the latest laws and regulations in Bali and Indonesia; ensuring that nothing is missed that could affect you in the future.
  6. CCI offer services in Tax, Visas and Business Incorporation in Bali – this means that we can ensure that if your Lease Agreement is required for immigration or business set up that it includes all of the articles you may later require.

Already have a drafted Lease Agreement? We also offer legal review services; where we will check the accuracy of your Lease Agreement and provide legal suggestions to ensure your rights are protected.

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