Multiple Entry Business Visa

A Multiple Business Entry Visa (Index 212) is a residence permit for foreigners engaged in business matters in Indonesia.

This visa allows you to exit and re-enter Indonesia for up to 12 months, but each visit should be no longer than 60 days. The visa can be obtained at an Embassy abroad and the visa applicant should apply for a Telex approval prior to the trip to the Embassy.

multiple business visa

Will you need a Telex approval (calling visa)?
All Multiple Business visas should be applied for at an Embassy abroad, the applicant will need an additional calling visa prior to this visit. This calling visa or commonly called a Telex, is issued by the Jakarta Immigration headquarters.

The minimum age for applying for a Multiple Business Entry Visa is 21 years old. CCI has a 100% track record of success for Single Business Visa applications, however If the Indonesian Government should reject your Single Business Entry Visa application, we will not be able to reimburse any advance payments made.

There will be no Photo and Fingerprint Session for the Multiple Business visas.

Documents Required from the applicant:

  • A scanned / Copy COLOR of the first page (ID page) in your passport.
  • Passport validity of minimally 19 months.
  • Minimally 4 empty pages in your passport.
  • A scanned / color copy of the most recent Multiple Business Entry Visa in your passport, if
  • Passport sized Photos 4x6cm = 2 pcs. White Background. Wearing shirt with collar.
  • Your travel schedule for 1 year
  • Bank statement of minimum US$ 1500/ IDR 20 million under your name or company
  • A return flight ticket / booking below
  • Complete set of sponsor company's documents.
  • Health certificate in English (Fit to Fly Letter)
  • A Negative PCR (Swab Test) - not more than 7 days old at the time of arrival
  • A Signed statement letter in English that you agree to follow Indonesia quarantine procedure (if you show Covid-19 symptoms)
  • A Signed statement letter in English that you agree to be monitored when you are in quarantine, including self quarantine
  • A valid Health or travel insurance

Multiple Business Visa Costs & Payment terms
Multiple Business Visa with TELEX: IDR 2.750.000 | CCI Sponsorship : IDR 5.000.000 plus Embassy application fees
Terms of Payment : A non-refundable Full payment (100%) in advance. Prices are per person and per extension.

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