About CCI’s Market Entry Services

CCI’s market entry services came into existence with the consolidation of the Bali’s expatriate communities needs.

Brooks (Long term Bali expatriate) & Nelly (Lawyer by trade) were often approached by friends and peers seeking advice on Indonesia’s immigration, corporate and property laws.

In 1997, CCI was founded with an intention of assisting expatriates to navigate the complexities of the Indonesian immigration and property ownership. Our staff is up to date with ever changing legal requirements in Indonesia and in Bali. CCI currently accounts for the greatest share of the Bali consulting business.

Most of our team has loyally served our clients from its earliest days. With their wealth of experience in the field of property acquisition, tax consulting, business incorporation, and immigration procedures, we provide a comprehensive approach when it comes to securing your Bali investment.

CCI now has a staff of 30 consultants, our multi-lingual team will provide you with individual attention, that will leave you comfortable with Indonesia’s formal procedures.

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Our philosophy

Our management concept is founded on honesty, integrity, and accountability; we make it our duty to relay important regulation changes to our clients. By taking away the stressof legal compliance, you, our clients have time to focus on building a successful business in Bali, or enjoy a well earned retirement!

CCI simplifies the process of immigration, real estate acquisition, and business ownership. We unravel the complexity of national and local rules, regulations, and customs while carefully considering your needs and objectives.

We ultimately work to ensure that your vision is compliant with Indonesian law.

PROPERTY Property consulting services, supporting expatriates with legitimate and secure land transactions. Learn More
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CORPORATE Setting up a Business in Bali. Why invest in Indonesia and where does one start? Learn More
ourservice-icon CORPORATE
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VISAS Bali visa related services. Providing door to door services for birth registrations, work permits, KITAS and retirement visas. Learn More
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TAX We offer advice on property tax, income tax (both personal and corporate) as well as a host of issues that could affect your personal or business tax liability in Indonesia. Learn More
ourservice-icon TAX
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CONTACT US We invite you to contact us to let us know how we can help meet your needs. Learn More
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Learn More

We invite you to contact our team to learn more about how we can help meet your business’s needs.

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