Jobs in Bali that are closed for Foreigners

Posted on July 21st, 2016 by Joanne N.

Jobs in Bali that are permanently closed for Expatriates

In hopes of strengthening the economy, Indonesia has recently pledged to make significant changes to its regulatory framework, these changes are been put in motion to encourage foreign investment that will stimulate economic growth. Despite the warm welcome messages from the Indonesian Government, and its intention to attract investors, The Jokowi administration is still cautious about opening its labor market to the world.

Indonesia’s Employment History
During Sukarno’s era, Indonesia’s labor force was heavily dependent on agriculture, and unemployment rate was at its height. Suharto’s New Order, with the aid of American economic advisers, lowered the unemployment rate by shifting employment trends from agriculture to the industry and services sector. The Asian financial crisis however reversed Thirty years of economic growth, unemployment sky rocketed in  urban areas, sending skilled workers back to agriculture and fishing.

Since, with Fifteen years of positive macroeconomic growth, the Government’s aim is to  reduce unemployment numbers even further. CCI believes the Government will continue to exercise caution in order to protect its labor force. Indonesia is the world’s 4th largest labor force, with more than Two million workers joining the labor force each year.

Balancing the expatriate work force vs. The domestic work force
As of 29th February 2012, the Manpower Department (KepMen Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi No. 40 Tahun 2012.) passed legislation that outlines 19 managerial positions that are currently closed for expatriates.

Jobs in Bali that are permanently closed for expatriates:

  1. Personnel Director
  2. Industrial Relation Manager
  3. HR Manager
  4. Personnel Development Supervisor
  5. Personnel Recruitment Supervisor
  6. Personnel Placement Supervisor
  7. Employee Career Development Supervisor
  8. Personnel Declare Administrator
  9. Chief Executive Officer
  10. Personnel and Careers Specialist
  11. Personnel Specialist
  12. Career Advisor
  13. Job Advisor
  14. Job Advisor and Counseling
  15. Employee Mediator
  16. Job Training Administrator
  17. Job Interviewer
  18. Job Analyst
  19. Occupational Safety Specialist

These management level positions are centered on training and personnel management, therefore best suited for Indonesian Nationals “Warga Negara Indonesia”, as foreigners are assumed to have a lack of cultural understanding.

With that being said, there still many skilled positions open to expatriates particular to the needs of the hiring company. Drop us an e-mail for a detailed list of jobs suitable for you.


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