Java – Bali Emergency Enforcement of restrictions on community activities

Posted on July 2nd, 2021 by Citra Consultant Indonesia

President Joko Widodo announces the implementation of Emergency Community Activities Restrictions in Java and Bali starting 3rd July 2021.

Today, an official Instruction from Minister of Home Affairs is issued to outline the restrictions. 

The following will take effect tomorrow: 

1. Domestic travelers (To and From Bali and Java) are required to be able to show at least their first vaccination proof. 

2. Travelers (To and From Bali and Java) must be able to show negative PCR test results, maximum 2×24 hours for air travel, and negative Antigen test results maximum 1×24 hour for any other form of private or land/sea transportation.
3. Implementation of activities in non essential sectors must be 100% work from home, Finance and banking by 50%, Government sectors for public service by 25% including immigration offices.

Keep in mind that Indonesia regulation no 6 year 2011, article 75 point 1 still in effect: Immigration officials are allowed to take action against Foreigners who carry out dangerous activities that will disrupt or endanger public order and security, based on Indonesia regulation no 6 year 2011, article 75 point 1.

CCI will be the first to update you once there are further changes.

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