INVESTOR KITAS (Index 313 & 314)

You are applying for a KITAS (or Limited Residence Permit). This page gives an overview of the terms and conditions, requirements and price quotation for the application of an Investor KITAS.

CCI recommends that you read this page carefully

Important Information

  1. During the KITAS application process the KITAS applicant is not allowed to work.
  2. The recommended age for applying for a New Working KITAS is 26 years old.
  3. CCI suggests safekeeping these documents in your office and anticipate annual checks by Immigration and Manpower.
  4. There is no longer any issuance of KITAS cards. All KITAS documents are now in electronic copies with a QR code. We suggest storing a copy on your mobile phone, and in your wallet. Immigration officers will request to see this when you enter Indonesia.
  5. Once CCI has collected your passport after arriving in Indonesia, to the time the local immigration processes your KITAS (approximately 14 working days) you will not be able to
  6. If the KITAS application process is cancelled, CCI will not reimburse any
  7. Your New Investors’ KITAS allows you to live and manage your company in Indonesia.
  8. Should you wish to cancel your KITAS in future, CCI has to be informed at least 14 days before departure, in order to apply for EPO (Exit Permit Only) to EPO process takes ± 7 workingdays.
  9. In case of sudden and unexpected changes in regulations or pricing from the Immigration office, requirements and/or prices stated in this document will be adjusted accordingly by CCI.

An Investor’s KITAS can be obtained if you meet the following general requirements.

  • The investor has a minimum of 1 billion rupiah in shares.
  • The company has a minimum of 10 billion rupiah in capital investment.
  • The company has a minimum of 25% in paid up capital.
  • The sponsor company hasan NIB (business registration number through OSS) and relevant company licenses (see below for the complete list)

Requirements for the Investors KITAS:

Documents required from the Company/Sponsor

  1. Decree from the Ministry for Legalization of the Articles of Association of Company
  2. Article of Association of the company, and any latest deed amendments
  3. Business Identity Number (NIB / Nomor Induk Berusaha)
  4. Ijin Usaha (NIB)
  5. Operational License (Izin Usaha)
  6. Letter of Company Domicile (SKTU, or Surat Domisili Usaha)
  7. KTP / Identity Card of Local Manager/Director.

Personal Documents/Information required from the Investor

  1. Passport ID page with over 20 months validity for a 1-year KITAS, and over 32 months validity for a 2-year KITAS.
  2. Bank Statement with minimum funds of IDR 20 million (approximately USD 1500)
  3. Photo of applicant and dependents applicants, taken with formal attire using a white background Size: 4cm x 6cm (please send digital copies)
  4. Documents for dependent (wife and children) please provide:
    1. Marriage certificate, 2. Birth certificates (for children), 3. Photos and Passport copies of Spouse and children (please take note of validity and page availability)
  5. Name and location of Indonesian Embassy or Indonesian Consulate that will be attended by the candidate to apply for the Investor’s VITAS.

** Kindly ensure all documents are sent in digital formats (PDF or JPEG) with a maximum size of 2 MB per document.

Once the documentation requirements are complete. CCI will be able to proceed with your KITAS application.
We are unable to start the process if any items are lacking.

Application Process

  1. Investor VITAS approval in Jakarta
  2. Once the VITAS approval is issued, it will be sent to Indonesian Embassy abroad of your choice (Singapore is a good option)
  3. Bring the VITAS approval + your original passport to the Indonesian Embassy (additional fees in local currency will apply)

Estimated duration: check with your respective Embassy

  1. The Indonesian Embassy will issue a VITAS sticker (please check that the index code is 313 or 314, the wrong index means the wrong type of visa)
  2. You have 60 days to enter Indonesia after receiving your VITAS
  3. Once you are in Bali, we will convert your VITAS into KITAS/ Stay permit

Estimated duration: 30 working days


Prices are per person and there are no work permit fees to pay.

1 year KITASIDR 14 million
2 year KITASIDR 19.5 million
1 year family KITASIDR 8.8 million


To start the process, we will need your passports, and ask you to sign some documents and bring these to Jakarta for submission.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail

Thank you very much for your trust in our services. We are looking forward to assisting you in a smooth transition to Bali.

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