Investment Activity Report (Laporan Kegiatan Penanaman Modal – LKPM)

Posted on September 26th, 2023 by Citra Consultant Indonesia

After establishing your company, you must fulfill specific obligations, one of which is the Investment Activity Report, known as LKPM.

What is the LKPM?

The LKPM report provides insights into the development of investment realization and the challenges faced by business entities. This report includes details such the number of employees employed, and amount of investment made by the company in the previous period. It is essential to submit this report online periodically for all business entities, with a few exceptions being

 – Micro-scale businesses

– Companies operating in the upstream oil and gas sector

– Banking, non-bank financial institutions, and insurance companies.

These sectors have specific regulations governing periodic reporting.

Moreover, there are two types of LKPM:

  1. Construction  Period
    This phase occurs when the business activity is not yet in the commercial stage. During this period, business entities prepare for business operations. This could involve activities like constructing buildings, acquiring land, purchasing machinery/equipment, and other related costs.
  2. Production Period
    This phase signifies that the business activity is in commercial production and ready to sell its products according to its business plan.

For medium and large business entities, LKPM reports must be submitted every quarter as per the following schedule:

PeriodReporting Period
QUARTER IJanuary – March1 – 10 April (Current Year)
QUARTER IIApril – June1 – 10 July (Current Year)
QUARTER IIIJuly – September1 – 10 October (Current Year)
QUARTER IVOctober – December1 – 10 January (Next Year)

As we approach the end of Quarter III, it’s essential for all Foreign Investment Companies to prepare and submit their investment reports

Have you completed yours yet?

If you haven’t or are unsure about how to get started, CCI can assist, we are experts with the knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to complete your LKPM reports. We assure you that you can rely on us as your trusted legal partner, allowing you to concentrate on matters that are more critical for your business.

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