Indonesia expatriates may no longer use visa agents

Posted on November 17th, 2016 by Joanne N.

Update: As of Feb 2017, the previous announcement was scraped, and visa agents are currently still able to represent you for visa submission and collection.

Indonesia expatriates may not be able to engage the services of visa agents any longer

The Ministry of Justice via Directorate General Immigration office announced that Indonesia expatriates that are spread out through 17,000+ islands may not be able to engage the services of visa agents any longer. For those choosing to use a visa agents for any Visas and stay permits (KITAS) applications, the attendance of the expatriate, the local sponsor or the hiring companies’ Director/HR will be compulsory.

CCI was invited to an announcement by the Director General last week and was informed of the decision to abolish the use of agent services. The date this announcement will be implement will be from November 14, 2016.

The following information was released by the Immigration authorities:

  1. An appointed representative of the hiring company, is required to be present during any Kitas or Visa application.
  2. While previously the expatriate only needed to come for the bio data session, they will now be required to be present at every step of the Visas and Kitas process

How this impacts your next visa or Kitas application:

  1. Your attendance will be required whilst submitting any applications.
  2. For new Kitas or visa applications that require a Telex, You will need to be present at the Director General office in Jakarta.
  3. During the Kitap process, you will need to return to make an appointment when Immigration wants to verify your address.
  4. You will need to return to pay the application fees whilst the visa is in process.
  5. Return again during the bio data session
  6. Return again upon collection of the visa or stay permit.
  7. Return if you should have any changes in job title/address during your visa or Kitas validity period.
  8. Return again up to 3 times, for any subsequent Exit Permit Only (EPO) applications.

How the Indonesian Government plans on implementing this poorly thought out plan remains yet to be seen. For now the expatriate community (estimated at around 49,000) and tourists that are spread across Indonesia’s 17,000 islands may likely need to travel to the “Big Durian” a.k.a Jakarta for a short and possibly unpleasant visit. We will keep you informed, if there should be any changes in future.

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4 thoughts on “Indonesia expatriates may no longer use visa agents

  1. How on earth are they going to implement this, it’s ludicrous I sometimes feel people up the top of the ladder really need to see what happens in real life under the clouds.
    The costs are unreasonable and the additional time for sponsors missing work let alone people on retirement that aren’t as mobile as others, it’s going to be extremely difficult.

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