Indonesia requires proof of vaccinations on entry

Posted on July 5th, 2021 by Citra Consultant Indonesia

Indonesia announces new health and safety protocols for International and domestic flight following an urgent public activities restrictions regulations (PPKM) on 2 July 2021.

Based on the latest circular dated 4 July 2021 issued by the Indonesia Covid19 Task Force, several requirement is added for international travel.

Here’s the updated regulations that mentioned in the circular letter for fly in procedure for International travel:

  1. All travelers entering Indonesia must be fully vaccinated (vaccine certificate). This applies to travelers of all ages, and unvaccinated Indonesian citizens are able to get a vaccine on arrival.
  2. Fill out this self reporting health declaration form eHAC on Google Playstore or App Store
  3. International travelers are required to show a 2 x 24 hours PCR test.
  4. International travelers are required to have minimum of 8×24 hours quarantine at designated hotels.
  5. Travelers are to take another PCR test on the 7th days of quarantine, depending on the results, the traveler continue their trip or head to an appointed health facility for treatment.

*All costs and expenses will be borne by foreign traveler. The updated list of quarantine hotels can be find in this Link (updated 5th May, 2021 Source : PHRI)

For domestic travelers within Indonesia:

  1. Domestic travelers travelling by air will need to show a 2 x 24 hour PCR test with QR code.
  2. Domestic travelers travelling by land and sea, will need to show either a 1 x 24 hour Antigen test OR a 2 x 24 hour PCR test with QR code.
  3. Domestic travelers traveling by air, land and sea are required to show proof of at least 1 x dose of vaccination.*
  4. Children below 18 are now required to show their first vaccine proof to travel
  5. Any adult travelers who can’t be vaccinated due to health reason, needs a medical statement from a doctor*

This regulation are subject to the development in Covid19 cases in Indonesia.

*Please note that the regulations may vary at air, land and sea ports. Please contact your transportation provider for most current requirements.

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