Indonesia finalizes plans to reopen in July 2021

Posted on June 15th, 2021 by Citra Consultant Indonesia

​A coordination meeting was held on Friday, 11 June 2021 regarding the reopening of international flights into Ngurah Rai Airport in July. The reopening of tourism has reached comprehensive final steps.

We can anticipate the following:  

1. Bali shall be open for those who have ​or​ have not been vaccinated.
​2​. Repatriation hotels for the vaccinated and non vaccinated travelers will be separated. 
​3​. Those who have been vaccinated will be free to utilize the hotel facilities (including pool or restaurant) after testing negative on their initial swab for 6 hours. 
​4​. Those who have not been vaccinated shall not be permitted to leave their room.
5. Once the quarantine is over and the final test resulted in  negative, travelers will be allowed to continue their trip
CCI will be the first to update you once the regulations are implemented at the local immigration offices in Bali.

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