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Posted on February 24th, 2022 by Citra Consultant Indonesia

22 February 2022

The Minister of Law and Human Rights issued an official circular letter no 01.01.0441 on 22 February 2022. Based on this letter, we can conclude that 

-. Business or Social Culture Visa holders who are currently in Indonesia must do a status conversion before they can apply for a Residential Permit (Investor, Working, Retirement and Family Union KITAS).

-. The application for status conversion will be processed at the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta and the process can take up to an additional 30 days in Ditjen Immigrasi for approval. 

With these recent regulations, it may be best to apply for your work, Investment KITAS or family KITAS overseas.

There are currently no offshore retirement KITAS possible. 

For full information, you may download the full circular letter in this link.

Some more Information that we’d like to share :

1. For those on single entry visit visas may soon no longer be able to extend onshore, as borders re-open, we will clarify this point as soon as possible. 

2. The Intelligence division of Immigration (Wasdakim) will be approving and conduct site investigations on businesses sponsoring Investor KITAS, during the extension process. 

Several things that they might take a look at when they come:

a. Any personal or business social media accounts, website posts, and Google reviews. Please make sure as an Investor you are not putting any personal contact or conducting any direct selling or human resources activitiies. 

b. The office location will also be verified to ensure this is your business domicile.

We will keep you updated when we have further information regarding these new regulations.

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