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A non-Indonesian individual who is a Director or Commissioner that posses shares in a Indonesian Foreign Investment Company can apply for an Investor KITAS. There are two options for the type of KITAS so the shareholder will need to choose either a one year or a two year validity period.

And those who have shares in multiple Indonesian Foreign Investment Companies are eligible to apply for a dual sponsorship KITAS. This is to allow the non-Indonesian individual in this situation to keep their activity in the both of the companies they hold shares in legally compliant.

The most Frequently Asked Questions about Investor KITAS and working KITAS for shareholders of Indonesian Foreign Investment Companies is.

Question- “Can an Investor KITAS holder work?”

Answer – Investor KITAS holders are allowed to work within the managerial, supervisory, and control scope. However, from the Investment Board point of view, investors are also expected to provide opportunities for Indonesian to work and make an income.

Meanwhile, non-Indonesian individuals who serve as directors or commissioners of a Indonesian Foreign Investment Company with the investment value less than one billion rupiah are not eligible for an Investor KITAS and should have a Working KITAS/ KITAP if they are working and living in Indonesia.

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