Restaurant Business in Bali

As a culinary travel destination, the dining scene in Bali is an exciting platform to be a part of.

The Bali Food & Beverage scene has it all –  from seasoned stalwarts that never fail to deliver greatness, to bold newcomers and internationally recognized eateries.  Travelers and residents of Bali have grown to appreciate international cuisine, and  with the growing support of the Indonesian Investment Board and Tourism Board, Bali has undoubtedly stepped up as the new dining destination of the region.

In the food and beverage business, there are various types of corporate structures, such as restaurants, catering, local eateries, to bars and nightclubs.

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restaurant business in bali

What are the requirements for setting up a Restaurant Business in Bali?

To set up a restaurant, you will need a space that can accommodate 60 or more seats. The location should be appropriately zoned for commercial activities, and your building should have the necessary building permits for a restaurant.

If setting up a smaller scale F & B business, then a "Rumah Makan", roughly translated as a local eatery, may be an option.  A "Rumah Makan" can only be owned by a 100% Indonesian owned Limited Liability Company " PT. Local "

What is the setup time frame. 

A restaurant business can be incorporated and begin operations as quick as 2-3 months if you have a suitable location with building permit.

What licenses are involved?

Restaurants need to have a deed of establishment, legalization by the Ministry of Law, tax registration numbers, company domicile certifications, tourism operational licenses, health and hygiene licenses, and staff health checks to operate.

CCI will be able to assist you in obtaining all of the necessary licenses needed to operate. We include alcohol licenses and customs permits in our Restaurant license packages.

What type of corporate structure suit your Restaurant Business?

A bar, cafe, and restaurant with more than 60 seats can be owned by a PMA Company

A smaller scale restaurant can only be owned by an Indonesian Sole Proprietor or an Indonesian Limited Liability Company.

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