Sole Proprietorship

Guest houses (Pondok Wisata), small eateries (Warungs), and Micro Trade (Usaha Dagang) are some examples of micro businesses that are privately owned by a sole Indonesian proprietor.

What type of Businesses are commonly Sole Proprietorships in Bali?
Sole Proprietor businesses such as Private Tours, Private tutors, Guesthouses or Warungs, are some of the most common businesses CCI assists with.

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pondok wisata in bali

What are the requirements for a Pondok Wisata Business in Bali

  • To set up a Warung or Pondok Wisata Business in Bali, you must be an Indonesian National
  • If setting up a bed & breakfast (or Pondok Wisata), then you will need a building permit for a Pondok Wisata. For a warung, it can be a rumah makan.
  • All Sole Entrepreneur businesses will still require operational licenses and a tax ID.

What is the setup timeframe for a Pondok Wisata Busines in Bali?
A Pondok Wisata takes around 12-16 weeks to be set up fully.

Capital Investment requirements for a Pondok Wisata Business?
There is no capital requirements for a Pondok Wisata

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