Management & Consultancy Business in Bali

Your expertise can be applied in some areas of business in Indonesia. The most chosen fields of consultancy businesses in Bali are business management and tourism consultancy.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with over 17,000 islands, consultancy businesses are able to offer their expertise over a wide range of industries within Indonesia.

You can provide consultations to your clients in the area of your expertise such as giving advice on how to develop a company, to assist clients in making feasibility studies, or to prepare business plans. Tourism Consultancy would allow you to assist Tourism Businesses in Bali and Indonesia in increasing their profitability, improving customer service and developing brand recognition.

Technical consultancy such as on architecture and construction may also be practiced with certain requirements.

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What are the requirements for setting up a Consultancy Business in Bali?

  • The good news is that a consultancy business is open to 100% to foreign investor ownership based on the Indonesian Negative List.
  • In order to start you’ll need an office space with a building permit (IMB), with proper building permit function.
  • A minimum lease period of three years is recommended.
  • You can conduct this business all over Indonesia without opening a branch which will involve additional paper work.

What is the setup timeframe?

Incorporation of a Consultancy Business will take approximately 8 weeks.

How many licenses are involved?

A set of central and local licenses will be required. CCI will guide you through the required licenses for your business type. There will be in a total of 10 licenses required.

What type of corporate structure would suit your consultancy business?

A Consultancy Businesses can be owned by a PT. Local or a PMA Company.

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