Tours and Diving Business in Bali

Join the movement of adventure travel operators and set up a surfing, land tours or diving business in Bali today.  This business will allow you to do what you feel most passionate about, and derive an income from it!

Tourism is Bali’s largest Industry as the great surf, coral reefs and cultural uniqueness attracts adventure travellers and nature lovers from all corners of the globe. Scuba Diving, Liveaboards, Land Tours and Surfing all have the same principals in ownership structures.

What activities are allowed in an adventure travel or scuba diving business?
Adventure travel or a scuba diving business allows you to organize dive or adventure land trips around Indonesia, sell activity packages, conduct introductory courses arrange transportation for the activity, and even sell package tours that include other activities, meal and board.

How to start your adventure travel and diving business in Bali
Like any other business, to set up an adventure travel business or scuba diving business, you’ll first need an office with a building permit (IMB), You will need an office IMB, with ample parking space to get started. Needless to say, location is very important and tourist numbers tend to be higher in South Bali, especially so for diving and surfing businesses.

Shareholding ownership in your tourism business
The next step is to decide on which area you will be operating your adventure tours in. Multiple factors can affect ownership levels, for example:

A scuba diving business (wisata selam) that organizes scuba trips within certain Government limitations can have 100% foreign ownership. Whereas if the business runs trips within marine protection zones,  then the shareholding ownership is limited to 51% for foreigners.

If the diving business owns boats, then it will need an Indonesian partner as the shareholding structure will be limited to 49% foreign ownership.

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Requirements for setting up a tourism business in Bali

An adventure travel business is open to a varying degree of foreign ownership as previously discussed. But more often than not, you'll need to have a local Indonesian partner.
You'll also need an office space with a building permit (IMB).

Setup timeframe
A business in Tourism (such as scuba diving and surfing) can start trading as quickly as 6-8 weeks from incorporation.

Licenses involved

A scuba diving business can have up to 12 licenses for Denpasar area

What type of corporate structure would suit your Tourism business?
A business in Tourism, such as scuba diving or surfing, can be owned by a PT. Local or a PMA Company commonly with 51% foreign ownership.

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