Health & Wellness Business in Bali

Bali is well known for its Wellness Tourism; ranging from Yoga to fitness gyms and Pilates.

A Wellness Business allows you to provide a place, facilities and classes for Wellness Activities such as Gyms, Yoga Studios, Pilates Studios or Cross Fit Centers. You can also provide healthy food and drinks within your premises.

These types of businesses have seen much success in Bali over the years, with thousands of visitors flocking to Indonesia each year to seek health and retreat. A Wellness Business allows you flexibility in terms of the range of activities you can offer your clients. It is also not currently listed on the Indonesian Negative List, meaning that it is open to 100% foreign ownership.

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What are the requirements for setting up a Wellness Business in Bali?

  • The company will need sufficient space to accommodate the activity, class and its equipment.
  • The place must have a building permit with a suitable building function such as gym or fitness studio.
  • A lease period of three years is recommended.
  • Certificates of the trainers might be required.

What is the setup timeframe?

A Wellness Business can start operating in 6-8 weeks with local instructors and staff

What are the licenses involved?

This business is under the Tourism Sector, a set of tourism licenses and local licenses will be required. CCI can assist you with all of the necessary licenses you will need to successfully run your business.

What type of corporate structure would suit your Wellness Business?

A Wellness business can be owned by a PT. Local or a PMA Company; the capital requirements of each company set up may be what limits your options. Get in touch with us today for a consultation to discuss your business needs.

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