Bali & Riau airport welcomes Tourists, quarantine shortened to 5 days.

Posted on October 18th, 2021 by Citra Consultant Indonesia

Following the circular letter issued by the Minister of Law and Human Rights on 13th October 2021 number M.HH-02.GR.01.05 : 

The highlights: 

1. Tourism & filmmaking are now registered as a type of activity for visa application.

2. New inclusion for Working Visa in commercial filmmaking scope of business and for employers with that scope of businesses should be able to get a working permit letter from the authority

3. Students from Overseas can now apply for student stay permit (C316)

4. Tourists on Index 211 visas from 19 selected countries will be allowed to fly in direct from approved international routes. 

5. Currently KITAS holders, and Indonesian citizens will still need to fly in internationally via Jakarta airport. 

All international travelers have to adhere to these entry procedures: 

1. Show a 3X24 hours negative PCR test on arrival

2. Proof of full vaccine certificate, vaccines should be taken at least 14 days before flying in.

3. Travelers who have not received any covid-19 vaccine from their country of departure, are obliged to get a vaccine shot before having their quarantine in the hotel under these following conditions :
a. 12-17 years old passengers
b. Holders of diplomatic and service visa
c. Limited stay permit (KITAS) holder and Permanent stay permit (KITAP) holder

4. Quarantine days are now reduced into 5X24 hours. 

Bali or Riau International Airport. Passengers should:
1. Be able to show quarantine hotel confirmation.
2. Be able to show minimum USD 100.000 insurance.

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