5 Days Quarantine Is Now In Effect

Posted on February 4th, 2022 by Citra Consultant Indonesia

Indonesia Covid-19 task force released a circular letter dated on 1 February 2022.These regulation takes effect immediately on 1st February 2022 : 

The highlights: 
1. Quarantine time has been reduced to only 5 days. The incoming travelers needs to show a full dose vaccination certificate as the main requirement.
For those who only have had 1 vaccine shot are still obliged to do 7 days quarantine.

2. Passengers must be able to show negative PCR test result which valid 2 x 24 hours before flight

3. Amendment for tourist visa. Travel insurance from previously needing to be worth USD 100.000 is now reduced to USD 25.000. 
Bali is preparing to accept International Direct Flight

3rd of February 2022, The first since its closing, Ngurah Rai Airport welcomed an incoming commercial flight. “Garuda Indonesia arrived from Japan with 6 Japanese and 6 Indonesian passengers”, said Bu Ida Ayu Indah Yustikarini, an Official at Bali Government Tourism Office.

Starting 16 February 2022. Singapore Airlines will be the first to resume the direct international flight to Bali. Indonesia Singapore Airline Manager, Alvin Seah stated that the reopening of the daily international flight to Bali is a part of the long term commitment of Singapore Airlines to help the growth of Indonesia tourism.

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