Tax and Accounting

Indonesian tax services

Tax and accounting planning can be a painful topic, but yet a crucial one when you seriously consider starting a business in Indonesia.

We recognize that the pre-planning stages can be both exciting and without the proper planning, detrimental to your future business. Therefore, CCI offers financial strategies that are designed to optimize your financial efficiency and profitability. We strive to provide our clients with peace of mind, so that you can enjoy the pleasures of living in Bali, and allow you to focus on developing your company.

CCI’s network of professional accountants are experts at helping business owners navigate their tax and accounting needs. We have a wealth of experience in Indonesia and serve clients in the tourism, resort hotel industry, government sector and many more with accounting and tax services. We work together with small, medium and large businesses.

We have also met with many talented business owners whose cumulative experience has greatly enhanced CCI’s network of clients. We will clearly explain why the figures associated with your business are so important.

Other tax and accounting services include advice on:

Monthly and yearly tax reports : Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company, letting CCI advise you on preparing your year-end accounts will relieve you of an extremely stressful exercise.

Bookkeeping : CCI’s advice on bookkeeping services will benefit your business by helping you manage and control your finances, plan future growth, and avoid late filing penalties.

Tax and Accounting Planning : CCI’s advice on tax planning assures our clients that they pay only as much tax as they are legally obliged to pay under the law.

Tax review : CCI advises you to ensure that your return is accurate and complies with Indonesian tax regulations.

Are your company’s books up to scratch?

Let our experienced tax consulting team help you stay legal while minimizing your Indonesian tax liabilities. Contact us today to get started.