Social Cultural Visa (Index 211) 

A Social Cultural Visa enable applicants wishing to immerse in local cultural courses and activities, or wanting to spend time with family members to live in Indonesia, for up to 180 days at a time. A Social Cultural Visa can be obtained at most Indonesian Embassy’s abroad, however it is important to note that each Embassy has different requirements.

In some cases,  applicants are only allowed to be sponsored by Indonesian family members, and the Embassy may ask that the sponsors provide supporting documents such as local ID card, family card, birth certificates, and marriage certificates to show their relationship with the applicant. 

In some instances, a calling visa (TELEX) is needed from the Directorate General’s of Immigration’s office in Jakarta. The calling visa is then sent to you. The applicant then has 60 days to head to the embassy to continue the application process, calculated from the date the calling visa is issued.

The duration of the visa is granted in a unique way. Although applicants are allows up to 180 days total stay within Indonesia. After the initial 60 days, the applicant should report to their local immigration office in Indonesia and attend a photo and fingerprint session, the immigration officer may ask the applicant a few simple questions to determine their purpose in Indonesia.  Following this, the applicant will be granted a 30 days extension. Each applicant can apply for up to 4 extensions, which translates to a maximum stay of up to 180 days. After this duration, you will need to exit Indonesia.

Terms and conditions: (updated April 2018)

  1. The Social Cultural Visa  (Index 211) does not allow foreigners to work. Applicants are responsible and liable for any ensuing consequences should the client not comply with this rule.
  2. In case of sudden and unexpected changes in regulations or pricing from the Immigration office, requirements and/or prices stated below will be adjusted accordingly by CCI.

Documents required from the applicant:

  1. A scanned / Copy COLOR of the first page (ID page) in your passport.
  • Please ensure that the remaining validity of your passport is minimally 12 months.
  • Please ensure that there are minimally 4 empty pages in your passport.
  1. Two recent photographs with the following dimensions: 4 x 6cm White Background. (Applicants should be using formal attire)
  2. Return flight tickets

Social Cultural Visa Application Requirements:

  1. A color/scanned copy of the ID Card (KTP) of the Balinese sponsor.
  2. A signed sponsor letter. (Template provided by CCI).
  3. A color/scanned copy of a bank statement / saving account s of the last 3 months which shows a minimum bank balance of USD1500/ per person
  4. Copy of sponsor’s Family Card ( Kartu Keluarga / KK from sponsor)
  5. Copy of sponsor’s Tax ID card (NPWP)
  6. Copy of sponsor’s birth certificate

Social Cultural Visa Costs

Social Cultural Visa

For Extension I :  You will be required to attend a short interview and photo session at the Immigration office closest to you.  CCI will facilitate this meeting and accompany you. Clients are requested to wear formal attire (shirt with collar) when visiting the Immigration Office.

Note: The Social Cultural visa is a single entry visa,  at any point of your stay, should you need to leave Indonesia, the visa will be cancelled. The applicant should have at least 4 empty pages in their passports, and a passport validity of minimum 19 months to apply).

CCI has a good track record of success for Social Cultural Visa applications, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are planning on visiting Indonesia for business or meeting purposes, then a Single Business Visa will be better suited for your purpose.