A Retirement visa allows foreigners to enjoy an extended period of stay within Indonesia, during their golden years. Indonesia is one of the most attractive places in the world to spend your retirement, due to low cost of living, tropical climate, growing medical advancements and a large retirement community.

What is an Indonesian Retirement Visa? 

  • An Indonesian retirement visa is a Temporary Stay Permit for Retirees (KITAS LANSIA)
  • This is a long term Indonesian visa that entitles the holder a stay of 12 months within Indonesia. 
  • The visa is renewable every year and renewal process is applied for within Indonesia. 
  • The Retirement visa is paired with a multiple exit and re-entry Permit (MERP).

How to apply for an Indonesian Retirement Visa 

To apply for your Indonesian Retirement Visa, you should first meet the following requirements: 

  • Be above 55 years of age 
  • Have a bank balance of IDR 200 million rupiah or more, held in a Bank Account under your name. 
  • Show proof of monthly income or pension. 
  • Provide a recent copy of your bank book / bank statement. 
  • Have valid medical Insurance
  • Provide a lease agreement with a minimum duration of 12 months. 
  • ID card of your Indonesian house owner or land owner. 
  • ID card of two of your Indonesian household staff. 
  • Passport with a minimum validity of 18 months. 
  • Sign an intention of “no-work” (prepared by CCI)

What you can and can’t do on an Indonesian Retirement Visa

  1. The Retirement KITAS does not allow foreigners to work in CCI will not be responsible for any ensuing consequences should you not comply with this rule.
  2. A TELEX visa will be issued at an Embassy Abroad, and you will need to make a trip to your designated Embassy to apply for your VITAS. Once you return to Indonesia, CCI will process your VITAS to KITAS convertion process at a local immigration Note that from when you enter until KITAS convertion is complete (approximately 3 weeks) you will not be able to travel overseas.
  3. The Retirement KITAS allows you to live in Indonesia for one year and can be renewed annually, allowing you to stay up to 5 years.
  4. In case of KITAS cancellation CCI has to be informed at least one month before departure, in order to apply for EPO (Exit Permit Only) and return documents to EPO process takes ± 7 working days.
  5. In case of sudden and unexpected changes in regulations or pricing from the Immigration office, requirements and/or prices stated in this document will be adjusted accordingly by
  6. If the KITAS application process is cancelled, CCI will not be able to reimburse any advance.

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Mutliple Exit and Re-entry Permit

According to new regulations, the KITAS and Exit Permit are now one package. Both KITAS and Exit Permit have the same validity period. Every KITAS holder must apply for the Exit Permit at the same time as the KITAS application. 

Documents required from Client to process Exit Permit: 

  1. Original Passport
  2. Copy of E-KITAS

Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit 1 year 

Valid for one year, Application requires a KITAS validity of minimum 12 months, and must be processed at the same time as the KITAS. This permit enables travelling in/out of Indonesia for unlimited time during the validity period. Entry into Indonesia should not exceed the permit’s validity period; otherwise the KITAS will automatically expire. 

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