Buying & Leasing Property in Bali

The process of buying and leasing property in Bali can be simple and straight-forward, if you have a comprehensive understanding of your rights as a buyer / lessee / lessor. There are however a range of issues that may affect your future investment. The Indonesian Government has only very recently started on digital records of land certificates. For decades, this recording has always been in the form of hand-written records. It is not uncommon to see two official land certificates for the same plot of land. There are often disputes on claims on land, and thus due to the unique situation in Bali, our clients always request a due diligence survey before any investments are made.

Before committing to a purchase or a lease, CCI recommends a Property Due Diligence survey so that our team can conduct a comprehensive assessment on your new investment for you.

Our team of property surveyors will cover all aspects that could potentially affect your future investment, such as:

  • Is the property’s price is based on market value?
  • Is the surrounding neighborhood susceptible to natural disasters?
  • Is the land in any current ownership disputes?
  • Are there are any land laws limiting the usage of the land?
  • Are there any zoning laws that would hinder your plans to develop and build?
  • Are there any outstanding land taxes?
  • Are the details on the land certificate verified?
  • Are the land boundaries clearly marked?

Our team checks on all the above points and more, depending on what area your future property is located; and in accordance with your development plans.

A survey in South Bali takes about 7 working days, and you will receive a written report with our professional advice 2 weeks after completion of the survey.

We have been servicing our clients with Due Diligence surveys for over 19 years in Bali and Lombok. We also offer legal consultation for land acquisitions and leases in remote areas of Indonesia, such as Sumba, Kupang, Flores and most of Eastern Indonesia.

Before Buying and Leasing Property in Bali, Contact CCI’s legal consultants for a comprehensive appraisal of your property. Should you be taking the seller’s word for it when it comes to your life’s savings? We think not.