Property Consulting Indonesia Buying Land In Bali

CCI has a proven track record of property consulting services, supporting expatriates with legitimate and secure land acquisitions for nearly two decades.

Bali is an ideal place to live and invest. Given its combination of beauty and life style, the island attracts those that seek business investment opportunities, or simply a better way to live. Home and business ownership is complicated because Indonesian property laws are a minefield of confusion. There is an ever changing array of written and unwritten regulations that need continuous  navigation and examination.

Professional local knowledge is critical when investing in Bali. CCI has the necessary resources and property consulting knowledge to guide you through the process of property ownership in Indonesia.

We provide our clients with the insight and knowledge to evaluate property purchases, the leasing and subleasing of property and shed light on confusing zoning laws. We will organize your building permits (IMB) and draw up the necessary legal framework that will offer you peace of mind throughout the buying process. Given our extensive real estate experience, we find it best to have direct communications with all parties involved.

On behalf of clients, CCI mediates misunderstandings with local authorities, villagers, and communities to make the process of leasing, selling or buying property, transparent and understandable. Our multi-lingual staff sees to it that you understand vital questions, such as:

  • How can I own land in Indonesia?
  • What is the best way to secure leased or freehold property?
  • How do I secure an access road into my the property?
  • How can I avoid problems with contractors?
  • How can I assure that my property goes to my heirs?
  • How can I ensure that the terms are fair on my lease contract?
  • What considerations are necessary when drawing up a last will and testament?
  • How can I ask real time protection for my money?

CCI’s legal consulting services include:

  • Property Due Diligence: title validity, zoning, and tax liabilities.
  • Drafting or analyzing legal contracts and frameworks between buyers, sellers, lessees, lessors, nominees, architects, builders, and other parties.
  • Organizing building permits
  • Advice on real estate zoning
  • Mortgage security
  • Negotiate and Mediate contracts and conflicts.
  • Will / Testament and Prenuptial agreements.
  • A broad range of other property related legal services.

CCI offers the best legal and lifestyle advice in Bali –nothing less. Have peace of mind in knowing that your investment is safe. Our team of consultants will answer all your questions regarding property investment and real estate ownership.

Are you about to buy land in Bali ? Be sure that you are well-informed regarding land ownership regulations in Bali.