A Multiple Business Entry Visa (Index 212) is a residence permit for foreigners engaged in business matters in Indonesia. This visa does not allow foreigners to work and receive salary. It is valid for one year but maximally every 60 days multiple visa holders must leave the country.

Terms and Conditions

  1. A Multiple Business Entry Visa (Index 212) does not allow foreigners to work and receive a salary. CCI will not be responsible nor liable for any ensuing consequences should the client not comply with this rule.
  2. The minimum age for applying for Multiple Business Entry Visa is 21 years old, the maximum age is 55.
  3. If the Multiple Business Entry Visa application process is cancelled, CCI will not reimburse any advance payments.
  4. In case of sudden and unexpected changes in regulations or pricing from the Immigration office, requirements and/or prices in this document will be adjusted accordingly by CCI.

Documents required from the applicant:

  1. A scanned / Copy COLOR of the first page (ID page) in your passport.
  • Please ensure that the remaining validity of your passport is minimally 19 months.
  • Please ensure that there are minimally 4 empty pages in your passport.
  1. A scanned / color copy of the most recent Multiple Business Entry Visa in your passport, if
  2. A recent photograph with the following dimensions: 4x6cm = 2 pcs. White Background. Wearing shirt with collar.
  3. Your travel schedule for 1 year
  4. Bank statement of minimum US$ 1500/ Rp. 20.000.000 under your name or company
  5. A return flight ticket / booking below

Documents required from the Sponsor / Company:

  1. The original Notary Act & Legalization Act from the Department of Justice (Akta Pendirian dan Akta Pengesahan dari Dept. Kehakiman).
  2. The original Certificate of Business Domicile (Surat Domisili Perusahaan).
  3. The original Company Tax ID card (NPWP)
  4. The original Company Trade License (SIUP) or, for foreign investments; Capital Registration License (SPPMA) and Permanent Licence (IUT)
  5. The original Company Registered Letter (TDP).
  6. A copy of the company Director’s ID card (KTP).
  7. A sponsor letter with signature of the Director and company stamp (template provided by CCI).

Multiple Entry Business Visa Costs: