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Applying for a Bali Visa is likely to be one of your priorities, especially if you are considering relocating to Bali.

Every foreigner entering Indonesia needs a suitable visa or KITAS. Common visas are Visa on arrival for Tourists (VoA), Single Business Visa, Social Budaya Visa, Multiple Business Visa, Working KITAS, Family KITAS, Retirement KITAS, or a long-term residence permit.

Short-Term Bali Visas

For those on holiday or for cultural visits, finding the most suitable Bali visa is essential so as to comply with local laws.
As of March 2016, 169 nationalities are eligible to receive a free visa on arrival. This free visa on arrival allows up to 30 days within Indonesia, however, the visa is not extendable.
If you wish to stay longer than 30 days, you can opt for a paid visa on arrival, which can be purchased at most International airports which allows 30 days stay, and an extension of the visa can be obtained at one of the 3 immigration offices in Bali, which will give you an additional 30 days stay.

For those engaged in business activities, and wishing to stay for more than 60 days, then a Single Business Visa is the right choice. After applying for a Single Business Visa, you will be eligible to apply for a Multiple Business Visa (valid for 12 months, and up to 60 days per visit). If you are here to learn about the Indonesian culture, then a Social Budaya Visa would be most appropriate.

Temporary Stay Permits (KITAS)

The Indonesian Government,  in an attempt to increase foreign investment, has weeded out, what it considered unhealthy competition for Local Limited Liability companies (PT Local). Therefore, working visas are issued through careful screening of the applicant and the sponsor company.

Work Permits (IMTA)

The Manpower Ministry, is stringent in its regulations, when screening work permit applicants. Proof of specialization in the applicant’s field of work is a key step, before a work permit can be granted. Applicants need to show that they have a minimum of five years of experience in their respective field. Applicants must also show reference letters from previous employers.  The government requires that the employee’s educational background correspond with the business needs of the hiring company.

CCI keeps you up-to-date on the frequently changing immigration and labor laws, providing you with timely updates through customer newsletters.

In this environment of sudden and unexpected changes to regulations, it is crucial to stay well-informed. CCI‘s current and timely immigration management has been recognized by local and international companies throughout company.


Comprehensive Bali visa services:

  • Customized attention to suit the most demanding travel schedules.
  • Personal assistance at immigration offices to ensure you of a swift outcome.
  • Constant updates on rules and regulations.
  • CCI picks up and delivers your travel documents.
  • Immediate notification of additional information requested by the Government.
  • CCI’s visa and passport instructions are easy to understand.
  • Reminders on visa extensions for you and your company.
  • CCI will answer your questions and assist you to fill out application forms by phone.

CCI organizes international travel visas and business visas for Indonesian citizens and Expatriates, concerning entry and exit to international destinations.
CCI’s services support clients with work visas, as well as those for retirement and social purposes, including visa extensions.

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