Bali Business & Visa Services

Bali business can be tricky.

Foreigners wishing to enjoy Bali’s beauty, culture, and laid-back lifestyle are often faced with seemingly impossible hurdles. Yet, thousands of expatriates have made this their home, in Asia’s hottest market. Those who wish to reside in Indonesia need to learn, and be guided through the complex Indonesian legal system.

CCI offers a litany of prominent clients who will attest to our ability to assist you in doing so.


In a country where rules and regulation can be confusing and unclear, CCI adds transparency, accountability and legitimacy. We make sure you understand the answers to important questions like: How can I own business on Bali? How can I own property in Bali? How do I secure a building permit? What visa do I need? How can I legally work? What taxes are due?

CCI’s solution to your property, corporate, and immigration issues are attended to by senior level legal and visa consultants. Our team consists of over 30 legal consultants, accountants, and government liaisons – all dedicated to ensure you conform with ever changing Indonesian law. We take the responsibility out of your hands and let you focus on the important things in life.

Who we are

  • CCI has qualified legal personnel and a dedicated facility.
  • Indonesian owned and expatriate operated consultancy firm.
  • With 2 decades of experience, we are the most trusted team of legal consultants.

Throughout 20 years of providing Bali business solutions to our clients we have assisted literally thousands of expatriates and maintained a continuing commitment to our growing number of clients. Their testimonials speak for themselves.

Our consultants handle all your business needs, from corporate, immigration, tax advice and property needs. IF you plan to hold a meeting or conference in Bali, CCI can also manage your meeting permit applications.

Contact our team with any questions you may have.